So your art can get to the world and you can get back to your art.

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I’m a dance fanatic, who throws regular kitchen dance parties in the place I call home, Ottawa Canada.



I know you didn’t begin your photography business to be stuck behind your computer, handling all the behind the scenes tasks involved in getting your art out into the world... 


In fact, if you’re being honest those business and marketing tasks:

  • Make you question if you have what it takes

  • Take up precious time that would be better spent with loved ones

  • Creates a never ending to-do list where nothing gets checked off

  • All of  the above!

Imagine what you would do with an extra hour each day? A couple hours gained each month?

I support you as a photographer, by handling those tasks that are currently draining you, so you can put your focus back on what you are most passionate about.

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