Why Getting Published Is Important


As photographers, I am sure you have heard the statement "you need to submit your work for publication" over and over again and you know this is something you should be doing in your business but what you may actually be thinking is "why is getting published so important?"  

How many of you have had this thought go through your mind? "Getting published is only for high end photographers who must know someone at the publication, shoot destination weddings and have clients with really large budgets"

If this statement rings true to you and you tend to shy away from submitting your work because you feel it's only reserved for the best of the best in the industry? Let me tell you that couldn't be farther from the truth!  In fact, getting published is less about the photography ( wait what?) and more about the entire process, like what you include in your submission that really counts.

Getting published isn't just about getting some bragging rights or being able to post on Instagram that you have been featured, there are actually some solid reasons behind why getting published needs to be incorporated into your business and a part of your overall marketing strategy.  The biggest reason comes into play with your marketing efforts by doing the following:

  • Attracting more of your ideal clients and helps to beef up your reputation as one of the best
  • Gives you added credibility 
  • Gets many local vendors recommending you
  • Helps build your SEO rankings

"Photographers who get published earn on average 73% more than those who don't" - Two Bright Lights

If those reasons aren't convincing enough let's read the quote above again! The time is now to start getting your art out into the world and into those editors hands! 

Make sure to stay tuned as I will be providing some more tips and tricks regarding the specifics of what you need to include in your submissions and getting your work published in those coveted blogs and magazines.



Photography by Britt Arnett of The Argus Image - featured in Green Wedding Shoes